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The mechanism of antioxidant 1010

Antioxidant 1010,168 has a good anti-aging effect in polyolefin, resin, elastomer and engineering plastics, which plays a long-term and critical effect on extending the service life of plastic products and improving the temperature of products. Why does antioxidant 1010 have anti-aging effect and what is its mechanism of action? The polymer itself will produce a large number of activated carbon groups and hydroperoxides under external factors such as light and heat, and heavy metal ions will also have a degrading effect on the polymer. The following three aspects are described below.


1, polymer and heavy metal contact catalyzed by heavy metal ions will produce degradation reaction, such as cable material core wire is copper, often caused by copper damage, and thus need to add copper ion passivator. Let the heavy metal for slow oxidation or synthesis, so that heavy metals are not in the ionic state, to alleviate polymer decomposition. Many antioxidants including hydrazides, oximes, aldehydes and amine condensates are heavy metal ion passivators.

2, the main reason for the aging of plastics is the polymer molecules in the light and heat conditions, covalent bonds occurring homogeneous cleavage and the formation of atoms or groups with unpaired electrons. Generate a large number of free radicals, such as hydrogen radical H-, chlorine radical Cl-, methyl radical CH3- and so on. Inhibition of these free radicals plays a fundamental role in anti-aging. Antioxidant 1010 can terminate the chain reaction of polymer thermo-oxidative aging in the bud, so it has a very good effect of anti-thermo-oxidative aging, especially in the traditional free radical trapping agent and use it with better results.

3, in the presence of light or peroxide hydrobromic acid and asymmetric olefin reaction due to the role of light or peroxide, the generation of free radicals, the free radical addition reaction occurs, resulting in hydroperoxides. Inhibition of these hydroperoxides requires the use of a primary antioxidant.


The mechanism of antioxidant 1010 mainly through the capture of free radicals, inhibit the generation of hydroperoxides, passivation of metal ions and other aspects of the antioxidant effect, so as to achieve a delay in the decomposition of polymers, to play the role of prolonging the service life.


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