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PP halogen-free flame retardant heat-absorbing mechanism

PP halogen-free flame retardant raw materials have a lot of monomers, especially inorganic salt monomers in the flame retardant process can often absorb a large amount of heat generated in the combustion process of PP, to slow down the continuation of the combustion of PP, reduce the surface temperature plays a certain role.PP halogen-free flame retardant heat-absorbing effect of the role of what is the mechanism of the heat absorption effect, and the nature of the heat absorption is what?


Zinc borate, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, borax and other inorganic salts contain a certain amount of water of crystallization, is a common raw material for halogen-free flame retardants. When these inorganic salts reach their decomposition temperature, they need to absorb a large amount of heat from the surrounding area, lose their water of crystallization, and produce water vapor, thus slowing down the heating of the polymer PP material. The flame retardant effect of aluminum hydroxide is also due to its dehydration by heat, producing a large amount of water vapor, absorbing PP heat, reducing the surface temperature.


PP halogen-free flame retardant heat-absorbing effect of the mechanism can be seen, the inorganic salt of crystalline water is the key to produce flame retardant heat-absorbing effect. The relationship between the amount of crystalline water content and the heat absorption effect and flame retardant effect is relatively complex, and needs to be summarized in the flame retardant modification of plastics according to the characteristics of each product.


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