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The difference between sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate

The active oxygen content of sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate is very close, both can be used as an oxygenator, and have bleaching bactericidal effect. What is the difference between sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate? Let's explain it briefly.


1, the PH value in water is different

The aqueous solution of the former is alkaline, and the aqueous solution of the latter is acidic. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the use conditions to exert their maximum effect, and only need to adjust the PH value according to specific environmental conditions after use.

2, different conditions of use

Only when sodium perborate is above 60℃, the bleaching effect of oxygenation is more obvious. The latter can rapidly increase oxygen when it meets water under general conditions, so the latter is a rapid oxygenator in aquaculture, that is, the main active component of what we usually call granular oxygen.

3, there are differences in use

The former contains boron and is widely used in bleaching, sterilization, washing and agriculture. The latter is mainly used in aquaculture as a fast-acting oxygenator.

4. Different appearance

The former is generally in the form of small white powder crystal particles, while sodium percarbonate is generally in the form of tablet, and a few are made of mung bean size round particles by granulating machine, mainly for ease of use.

5, the price is different

Sodium percarbonate is cheaper than sodium perborate. The former with a 10% reactive oxygen content is cheaper, while the latter is a little more expensive.


Sodium perborate manufacturers and sodium percarbonate also have great differences, distributed in different countries and provinces. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate and sodium perborate monohydrate both release oxygen by reacting with water to achieve their own utility, but they still have great differences in the application field.


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