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Production method of sodium perborate tetrahydrate

Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is mainly produced by synthesizing borax, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate belongs to the oxygen-containing bleach, dissolved in water to generate H2O2, can release reactive oxygen, thus having a strong bleaching effect, able to remove stains on fabrics, is a class of bleach with more applications.


Preparation principle: industrial production of sodium perborate to borax method. The reaction equation is:


NaBO2+H2O2+3H2O→NaBO3 .4H2O


Preparation process: a certain amount of borax (here recommended Turkish borax) dissolved in deionized water, NaOH to adjust the pH of the solution, so that the borax can be hydrolyzed very slowly under the PH, and then add a little more than the calculated amount of H2O2 solution, in the whole process of the reaction with NaOH to regulate the pH of the solution so that it is fixed in the PH we need to control the reaction temperature of 6 ℃ or so. Generated sodium perborate tetrahydrate all crystallization precipitation after filtration, washed with ethanol solution, drying at room temperature to obtain NaBO3 .4H2O.

The equation of the reaction is:



Sodium perborate tetrahydrate production principle process is not complicated to understand, but the specific production process, to achieve good quality and acceptance rate does need to do a lot of work. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate production of raw materials procurement is the basis of the production process temperature, process control, in addition to impurity technology is the guarantee.


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