Sodium perborate tetrahydrate|CAS10486-00-7

  • CAS: 10486-00-7
  • MF: NaBO3.4H2O
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Sodium perborate tetrahydrate has good oxidation, sterilization, non-chlorine bleaching, washing decontamination and other effects, is an important raw material for industry and agriculture. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate manufacturers are different, the price is also different, the reason is borax and other raw materials price differences caused by the production process is also an important aspect. The bleaching principle of sodium perborate tetrahydrate: The initial ecological oxygen can be released at a slightly higher temperature, and the bleaching effect does not affect the fiber itself.

Basic information

Name: Sodium perborate tetrahydrate, sodium perborate complex

Molecular formula: NaBO3.4H2O

Molecular weight: 153.86

CAS number: 10486-00-7

EINECS number: 239-172-9



Reactive oxygen species,% : ≥10.0

Main content % : ≥96

PH: 9.9 ~ 10.9

Fe,% : ≤ 0.0015

Bulk density,g/L: 500 ~ 850

Wet stability,% : ≥82


Production preparation

After NaOH is dissolved, it is mixed with borax solution, and the concentration of the solution is adjusted to 26 with the concentrated mother liquor. After full stirring, the insoluble matter is removed by filtering, and sodium metaborate solution is obtained, which is put into the reactor, and the mother liquor is adjusted to the appropriate concentration, and the magnesium silicate stabilizer is added, and then the hydrogen peroxide is added to control the flow rate of hydrogen peroxide, and the reaction is carried out under the condition that the temperature does not exceed 35℃. After the reaction is completed, the finished product of sodium perborate is prepared by cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation and drying.


Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is stable under normal environmental conditions, but it is unstable in aqueous solution and easily emits reactive oxygen species. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is easy to decompose and release oxygen in 40℃ or humid air. It is the use of the above conditions of oxygen discharge characteristics, thus has a good oxidation, sterilization, bleaching and boron supplement effect.

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