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  • PP V-2 Polypropylene Flame Retardant Masterbatch|LXM-P76010
PP V-2 Polypropylene Flame Retardant Masterbatch|LXM-P76010

PP V-2 Polypropylene Flame Retardant Masterbatch|LXM-P76010

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PP V-2 Polypropylene Flame Retardant Masterbatch LXM-P76010 is a new type of high efficient flame retardant masterbatch, it is environmentally friendly phosphorus and bromine composite flame retardant masterbatch with low additive amount, no precipitation, it can be matched with any color, and it does not affect the mechanical properties of the material.PP Flame Retardant Masterbatch is available for injection molding, wire drawing and extrusion grades. Suitable for homopolymerized polypropylene and copolymerized polypropylene, the main active substance is containing reactive environmentally friendly P, N, Br composite flame retardant.PP V-2 Polypropylene Flame Retardant Masterbatch LXM-P76010LXM-P76010 is mainly designed for the PP non-precipitation, high cost-effective flame retardant modification.


Product Features

1, PP V-2 polypropylene flame retardant masterbatch LXM-P76010 is the most cost-effective PP flame retardant masterbatch.

2、Flame retardant PP prepared with LXM-P76010 has no white spots and good appearance.

3, Comply with RoHS, REACH and other environmental requirements.

4, homopolymerization add only 2% can achieve the effect of fire extinguishing, copolymerization add 4-8%.


Quality index

Appearance: white columnar particles

Effective substance content of 60%

Loss of weight on drying≤0.3

Decomposition temperature:285℃


Main application

PP V-2 polypropylene flame retardant masterbatch LXM-P76010 can be widely used in injection molding of homopolymer polypropylene (add 2-3%), copolymer polypropylene add 4-8%, with little effect on impact fluidity.


Application formula reference

Polypropylene injection molding flame retardant

Suggested formulations: homopolymer add 2%, homopolymer-copolymer mix add 3%, copolymer add 4-8%.



1, the formula can not add calcium carbonate CaCO3 filling, calcium carbonate CaCO3 will make the flame retardant failure;

2, mineral filling will affect the flame retardant properties of the material, the amount of flame retardant added should be adjusted according to the actual situation;

3、Talcum powder for filling modification needs small batch test reliability;


Packing and transportation

Inner plastic and outer braid, net weight 25KG per bag, according to non-toxic and non-dangerous goods storage and transportation, do not get wet.


PP V-2 polypropylene flame retardant masterbatch LXM-P76010 has good compatibility with resin, no smell, no precipitation, strong UV resistance, easy to disperse, no need to compound antimony trioxide and other heavy metals, has excellent processing performance and not subject to color, processing heat stability, water resistance, light aging resistance, non-toxic, no side reaction with the color masterbatch and other additives and other characteristics.

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