Flame retardant

  • MCA flame retardant|CAS37640-57-6
MCA flame retardant|CAS37640-57-6

MCA flame retardant|CAS37640-57-6

  • CAS: 37640-57-6
  • MF: C6H9N9O3
  • Min Order Quantity: 1Kg
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MCA flame retardant full name is Melamine cyanurate, with high nitrogen content, lubrication, five halogen, environmental protection, high decomposition temperature, small solubility, etc. MCA flame retardant in PBT, PP, TPE, TPU, EVA, unsaturated resins, polyurethane, acrylic emulsions, wire and cable and other materials have a very good flame retardant effect. The solubility in water is only 0.01g/L, and the decomposition temperature is more than 360℃. It can be compounded with aluminum hypophosphite, aluminum diethylphosphite, red phosphorus and other flame retardants to produce synergistic flame retardant effect.


Basic data

English name: Melamine cyanurate

Molecular Formula: C6H9N9O3

Molecular weight: 255.2

CAS No.: 37640-57-6

EINECS: 253-575-7

Chemical formula: C6H9N9O3

Molecular weight: 255.2

Flash point: 325.3℃

Melting point: 350℃

Properties: white powder, non-toxic, odorless, slippery; insoluble in water and most organic solvents.



1, In polyacetal resin, melamine cyanurate (MCA flame retardant) does not drip when it meets fire, and it does not precipitate on the mixing roller when it is processed.

2, reasonable particle size distribution, small specific surface area, no agglomeration, does not cause surface white spots or white spots.

3, excellent arc flame retardancy, specific arc index of 430V.

4, wide range of uses, in most general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics can be used alone or compounded.

5, When PA6 is flame retardant, it does not connect the film, does not ooze out, and has good processability.


Technical index



Volatile matter%≤0.2

PH value: 6-8

Average particle size of melamine cyanurate (D50): 3-25μm

Residual cyanuric acid≤0.2%

Density g/cm3:~1.7

Bulk density g/L:~330

Water content≤0.4%

Water solubility≤0.1%


MCA flame retardant can be surface modified, and can improve the compatibility with polymer after coating with resin, the product is non-toxic, low smoke emission, and the flame retardant gas released has less negative factors to the environment.MCA flame retardant has good thermal stability, high decomposition temperature, and is suitable for high temperature processing of plastics and textile materials.

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