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  • PP halogen-free flame retardants|LXF-C5800A
PP halogen-free flame retardants|LXF-C5800A

PP halogen-free flame retardants|LXF-C5800A

  • CAS: Complex, CAS-free
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PP halogen-free flame retardants do not contain halogen elements, good environmental characteristics, in polypropylene, the amount of additive, generally through the phosphorus, nitrogen, carbon and other flame-retardant elements for a reasonable and scientific formula to achieve UL 94 V-0 flame retardant effect, but also suitable for glass fiber reinforcement, inorganic filler fillers to achieve multi-dimensional improvement of plastic properties. PP non-halogen flame retardants have many models, according to the flame retardant requirements, temperature data, color, gloss, bending tensile strength, odor, cold resistance, transparency, etc. to specify a reasonable formula model. Our PP non-halogenated flame retardant is a non-halogenated flame retardant with phosphorus and nitrogen as flame retardant elements, which has the characteristics of high thermal stability and white color of the products, and is specially designed for V0 grade non-drip flame retardant polypropylene PP. This product is also characterized by low smoke emission and excellent carbonization effect during combustion, with UL94V0 (1.6mm) flame retardant effect. Meanwhile, it has high burning temperature and excellent electrical performance, which meets the current requirements of burning temperature (GWIT) and current leakage trace (CTI). It meets the requirements of ROHS, REACH and other environmental protection requirements, and is an environmentally friendly flame retardant.


PP flame retardant features

1, environmentally friendly, with low smoke, halogen-free, low toxicity, environmental protection and other advantages. Completely meet the export of Europe, the United States, Japan and other stringent environmental directives.

2, high decomposition temperature, high stability, flame retardant does not precipitate, no acid, no whitening.

3, the formula is reasonable, according to different flame retardant requirements, its targeted formula, focus direction is not the same, so as to achieve the corresponding accurate flame retardant.

4, PP halogen-free flame retardant PP products with excellent mechanical properties, and can be enhanced with a variety of materials modified.


Technical index

Effective content≥99%

Particle size: 3-15 microns

Decomposition temperature: 290 °

Phosphorus content/%: 15-30

Nitrogen content/%: 10-25

Appearance: white powder

Water solubility: 0.1g/L


Application examples

Formula 1: 72% homopolymer PP; 26-28% flame retardant; other additives 0.6%; V-0 (1.6mm)

Formula 2: 68% copolymerized PP; 30-32% flame retardant; other additives 0.6%; V-0 (1.6mm)

Formula 3: 45% homopolymer PP + 25% copolymer PP; 28-30% flame retardant; other additives 0.6%; V-0 (1.6mm)



1, the extrusion temperature of 190 ℃ is better, the injection temperature should be controlled at 240 ℃ or less; the use of general shear strength or slightly weaker screw combination, while maintaining a certain degree of vacuum.

2, PP halogen-free flame retardant use process to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the screw barrel, is strictly prohibited and bromine antimony flame retardant contact, in order to prevent decomposition of the product.

3, if you add glass fiber and other reinforcing materials, please select the appropriate matching type of glass fiber and the corresponding type of flame retardant to prevent the failure of the flame retardant.

4, if using inorganic filler filling, need a small amount of verification, if the filler does not reduce the flame retardant properties, then the formula can be used.

5, before starting and after use, HDPE, HIPS and other materials can be used to clean the extruder and injection molding machine screw barrel.



25kg/bag, outer cowhide bag + inner film bag. Stored in dry, room temperature environment, strictly prevent moisture, heat.


PP halogen-free flame retardant in homopolymer polypropylene, copolymer polypropylene, TPE, TPU and other materials, the amount of different materials, need to be combined with the type of material, flame retardant type, etc. to develop a reasonable method of use. PP halogen-free flame retardant in REACH, ROHS, scorch wire, the gloss of the product, the filler to enhance the way, environmental protection, odor and other requirements of the different formulas are also slightly different, the choice of the appropriate and accurate flame retardant Choosing the right and precise type of flame retardant is an important step for the efficient flame retardancy of polypropylene and other polyolefin materials.

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