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Oxidation mechanism and characteristics of sodium perborate

How does sodium perborate oxidize organic matter and what are its characteristics? Sodium perborate can replace the commonly used organic oxidants, but also can occur some other types of selective oxidation reaction, is an ideal oxidizer of organic matter.



The concentration of its saturated solution at room temperature is about 0.5mol/L and its aqueous solution is alkaline. Under acidic conditions, the active oxidizing species in the solution may be protonated perboronic acid or its bond-breaking products. Under alkaline conditions, the active oxide species in solution may be a peroxide anion or an unidentified derivative of peroxyborate.



It is environmentally friendly, mild, safe for multi-purpose use, inexpensive, and oxidizing agent, as a solid peroxide, it has the characteristics of being stable under normal conditions, impact resistance, etc., easy to store and transport, inexpensive and easy to obtain, with high oxidizing activity and non-toxicity of the reagent itself and its reduced products.


Sodium perborate is very different from hydrogen peroxide in that the former is mild and the latter reacts violently. Has a bleaching effect, the mechanism is to react with water to release ionized oxygen, which has a non-chlorine bleaching effect. Sodium perborate manufacturer, nature, possession, price, tetrahydrate MSDS, molecular structure formula, etc. Please contact 


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