Cupric carbonate basic |CAS12069-69-1

  • CAS: 12069-69-1
  • MF: Cu₂(OH)₂CO₃
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Cupric carbonate basic is a special copper salt, 200 ℃ thermal decomposition of copper oxide, water and CO2. different manufacturers of copper carbonate basic, its production and preparation process has a big difference, the price is closely related to the price of copper, in the pyrotechnic, pesticides, pigments, feed, wood preservation, plating, fungicides, and other industries are widely used.


English name: Cupric carbonate basic

Chemical Formula: Cu₂(OH)₂CO₃

Molecular weight: 221.076

CAS: 12069-69-1

EINECS: 235-113-6

Melting point: 200℃

Density: 3.85g/mL

Appearance: peacock green fine amorphous powder

Safety Description: S26/36


Copper carbonate basic can be regarded as composed of copper hydroxide and copper carbonate, actually there are two kinds of copper hydroxide combined with one copper carbonate and copper hydroxide combined with two copper carbonate. Copper basic carbonate decomposes to copper oxide, water and carbon dioxide when heated. Reaction formula:



Physical and chemical properties: peacock green fine amorphous powder. Density of 3.85, melting point 200 degrees decomposition, insoluble in cold water and alcohol, soluble in acid and the formation of the corresponding copper salts, dissolved in cyanide, sodium hydroxide, ammonium salts and alkali carbonates of the aqueous solution and the formation of copper complexes. When boiled in alkali metal carbonate solutions, it produces brown copper oxide, and decomposes into black copper oxide at 2000C. It is unstable in hydrogen sulfide atmosphere. Alkali copper carbonate according to the CuO:CO2:H2O ratio of different and the existence of more than a dozen forms of compounds. In industrial production, its molecular formula is CuCO3.Cu(OH)2.XH2O. its solubility in water is 0.0008%, and its decomposition temperature is 200-2200C low toxicity.













Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter%≤0.1




Used as analytical reagent. It is also used in the inorganic salt industry for the preparation of various copper compounds, in the organic industry as a catalyst for organic synthesis, in the electroplating of copper-tin alloy industry as a copper additive, crude oil storage is a desulfurization agent, etc. In recent years, it is used in large quantities in the field of wood preservation and so on.


Preparation process

Produced by reacting sodium carbonate with copper sulfate.

Reaction equation: 2Na2CO3+2CuSO4+H2O→Cu2(OH)2CO3↓+ CO2↑+Na2SO4

Specific method:

According to the volume ratio V (CuSO4): V (Na2CO3) = 1:1.2 take 0.5 mol / L of sodium carbonate solution and 0.5 mol / L of copper sulfate solution, and at the same time placed in a 70 ℃ water bath until the constant temperature. The two were then mixed and placed in a water bath at 70°C with stirring. A light blue precipitate was observed to be produced. The pH was adjusted to 8.50-8.88 and the suspension was stirred continuously until the precipitate turned green. At this point, the stirring was stopped, the suspension was allowed to stand, and after the precipitate settled, it was filtered and the precipitate was washed with deionized water until it was free of sulfate ions (sodium sulfate). Then the precipitate will be dried in the oven at 100℃, and the green copper carbonate alkali can be obtained.


Packing and transportation: Plastic woven bag or cardboard drum lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg or 50kg per bag, stored in ventilated and dry warehouse. Pay attention to moisture-proof. Prevent rain during transportation. In case of fire, it can be put out with water and various kinds of fire extinguishers.


The role of copper carbonate basic is very wide, has a long history of application, mainly used for pigment, sterilization, anticorrosion, electroplating and catalysts and so on. The price of copper carbonate basic has multiple close relationship with the copper price, quality grade, manufacturer process and so on.

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