Copper oxychloride|CAS1332-40-7

  • CAS: 1332-40-7
  • MF: CuCl2.3Cu(OH)2.XH2O
  • Min Order Quantity: 1Kg
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Copper oxychloride as feed additives has more advantages than copper sulfate, has less side effects on animal fat and vitamins, promotes the absorption of nutrients, and improves the utilization efficiency of copper. There are different manufacturers of Copper oxychloride corresponding to the price, quality, indicators and other differences. The role of basic copper chloride is very versatile, with a large number of applications in feed, agriculture and industry. It is a source of improved copper for animal feed, which can significantly improve the physical properties and mixing uniformity of feed, and reduce the loss of vitamins. Basic copper chloride feed grade current standard: GBT21696-2008, green crystal or crystalline powder, about 60 mesh, insoluble in water, soluble in acid and ammonia.


Basic information

English name: Copper oxychloride

Chemical formula: CuCl2.3Cu(OH)2.XH2O,X=1/2,1,2

Molecular weight: 427.11

CAS No.: 1332-40-7

Grade: feed grade, industrial grade, agricultural grade


Product characteristics:

1, Copper oxychloride is more friendly to the environment, it can reduce the copper content and soluble copper content in feces.

2, Good antibacterial and antidisease effect, it can significantly improve the feed conversion rate, good antibacterial effect, and effectively improve animal disease resistance;

3, insoluble in water, not absorb moisture, reduce the destruction of feed nutrients, improve feed quality;

4, high content, reduce transportation and storage costs, reduce the cost of adding;


Specification index

Copper oxychloride(Cu) % ≥55.5 (58.12)







Particle size (250μm pass rate)%≥95.0

Acid insoluble matter %≤0.2


Preparation process

Add copper hydroxide slurry into copper chloride solution, the molar ratio of copper hydroxide and copper chloride is 2.5~3.5:1, and react under the condition of temperature 80℃~160℃, PH value 4~9, pressure 0~600kPa, and get the reaction product after the completion of reaction; the reaction product is washed, centrifuged and dried to get the Copper oxychloride.


Main applications

1, used as feed additives and agricultural fungicides. As an important trace element, copper can promote growth and improve feed utilization.

2, Carbon dioxide absorber and pharmaceutical intermediates.

3, The basic raw material for manufacturing other copper salt products.


Packing category: 25kg/bag.


The copper content in Copper oxychloride is high, heat decomposition generates copper oxide, high temperature storage should be avoided. Please consult our technical staff for the role of Copper oxychloride price, MSDS, melting point, decomposition temperature, production process and so on.

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