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Polypropylene PP V-2 Flame Retardant|LXF-P78000

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Polypropylene V-2 flame retardant, referred to as PP V-2 flame retardant, has many formulations, which can be compounded by aluminum hypophosphite, MHB, triazine carbon forming agent, etc., of which the quality of aluminum hypophosphite has a great influence on the flame retardant effect. High-quality polypropylene PPV-2 flame retardant has a small amount of addition, high flame retardant efficiency, environmental protection, low halogen, does not affect the physical properties of PP and other characteristics, applicable to homopolymerization, copolymerization, filling, reinforcing and other different requirements of the polypropylene. Polypropylene PPV-2 flame retardant flame retardant formulations have certain differences, mainly based on polypropylene flame retardant requirements, such as material type, temperature resistance, surface requirements, color requirements and other indicators will be designed to optimize different targeted formulations.


Characteristics of flame retardants

1, the bromine content of flame retardant products ≤ 900ppm, to meet the requirements of halogen-free parts, exports to Europe and the United States composite environmental requirements.

2, can be used in homopolymerization, copolymerization of polypropylene, can be filled, can be enhanced to meet the burning wire, high surface requirements, add less, to meet the UL94 PP V-2 flame retardant level.

3, Polypropylene PPV-2 flame retardant models, can meet the requirements of different polypropylene flame retardant, bromine, phosphorus content can be tailored to the design, so as to achieve the purpose of low additives, high flame retardant effect.


Flame retardant index

Appearance: white powder

Phosphorus: 8-15%

Nitrogen: 6-12%

Bromine: 1-10

Particle size: -30

Whiteness: 90

Density: -1.7

Decomposition temperature:265℃

The above is only the specification range, PP V-2 flame retardant specific models, indicators, please contact our technical sales.



Formula 1: 98% homopolymer PP; PP V-2 flame retardant ≥ 2%; mineral filling 0%; flame retardant effect V-2; GWFI (850 ℃) through; GWIT (750 ℃) through

Formulation 2: 77% homopolymer PP; PP V-2 flame retardant ≥3%; mineral filling 20%; flame retardant effect V-2; GWFI (850 ℃) passed; GWIT (750 ℃) passed

Formula 3: 87% copolymerization PP; PP V-2 flame retardant ≥10%; mineral filling 3%; flame retardant effect V-2; GWFI (850 ℃) passed; GWIT (750 ℃) passed


Processing Precautions

1, screw shear temperature control should be appropriate, twin-screw extrusion process must maintain a certain degree of vacuum, to avoid a small amount of decomposition of the flame retardant and lead to a slight foaming

2, inorganic fillers, chlorine, bromine additives may have an effect on polypropylene V-2 flame retardant, need to be evaluated in small batch testing.

3, resin selection needs to consider the melt data, extrusion, injection molding process.

4, can add appropriate anti-drip agent, antioxidant 1010/168, etc., to improve the flame retardant effect.


Polypropylene PPV-2 flame retardant phosphorus, nitrogen, bromine synergistic flame retardant mechanism is more complex, there are phosphorus and nitrogen synergistic, phosphorus and bromine synergistic, both gas-phase flame retardant, condensed-phase flame retardant, but also contains carbon layer barrier and other multiple effects. The efficiency of polypropylene V-2 flame retardant is related to the ratio of P,N,C, bromine content, etc., and there is no need to add antimony trioxide in the flame retardant formula.

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