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Antioxidant 1076|CAS2082-79-3

  • CAS: 2082-79-3
  • MF: C35H62O3
  • Min Order Quantity: 1Kg
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Antioxidant 1076 is a white crystalline powder, with the advantages of light stability, not easy to change color, odorless, non-polluting, non-coloring, low volatility, resistance to water extraction, good compatibility, high antioxidant efficiency. Easily soluble in benzene, chloroform, cyclohexane, acetone, and esters and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in methanol, ethanol, mineral oil, insoluble in water. Antioxidant 1076 is widely used in PE, PP, POM, ABS, PS, PVC alcohol, synthetic fiber, TPU, TPE, adhesive and other materials. Often used with auxiliary antioxidants DLTP, 168, etc. to play a synergistic effect. Can be used together with auxiliary stabilizers (sulfide, phosphite), light stabilizers and other functional additives. The binary composite system and ternary compound system will have significant synergistic effect.


Basic Parameters

Chemical name: (β-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) propionic acid octadecanol ester)

English name: Dibutylhydroxyphenylpropionic acid stearyl ester

CAS No:2082-79-3

EINECS: 218-216-0

Molecular formula: C35H62O3

Molecular weight: 530.87



Appearance: White crystalline powder

Effective content: 99%

Melting point: 49.0-54.0°C

Flash Point: 273°C

Specific gravity: 1.15 g / cm3


Scope of application

Antioxidant 1076 is used in a wide range of applications including polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polybutene. It is also recommended for other types of polymers such as engineering plastics, e.g. polyaldehyde resins, polyurethanes, styrene homopolymers or copolymers, crystalline polystyrene, high impact polystyrene, ABS and SBS, EP, EPDM elastomers, adhesives and other organic materials. It can also be used in grease coatings to prevent thermal and oxygen aging.


Dosage and method of use

1, styrene homopolymer or copolymer body, the recommended dosage between 0.1% and 0.3%.

2, polyolefin dosage range of 0.1% to 0.4%, the optimal amount of additives depending on the type of substrate, processing conditions and long-lasting thermal stability requirements.

3, hot melt adhesives, antioxidant 1076 use between 0.2% and 1%. Synthetic tackifier resin 0.1% to 0.5%.

Typical dosage of Antioxidant 1076 is 500-2000ppm to give long-lasting thermal stability to the substrate. Depending on the type of substrate and end use, the amount of Antioxidant 1076 used can be increased.


Packing and Storage

Packing: 20kg/ctn. After opening the drum, it should be stored in a tightly closed container to prevent moisture contamination and dust particles.


Although antioxidant 1076 will be gradually hydrolyzed in contact with water, it has sufficient stability in the effective period of water-based emulsion. It is a class of chemicals that can delay the oxidation and aging of polymers. When only a small amount of antioxidant 1076 exists in the polymer system, the oxidation process of the polymer can be slowed down or inhibited, thus preventing the aging of the polymer and prolonging its service life, also known as "antioxidant". Selection of antioxidants, mainly based on the type and model of plastic materials, processing equipment and process conditions, other chemical additives and add the amount of varieties, products, the use of the environment and the period of time and other factors to determine the synthesis.Antioxidant 1076 in TPU, TPE, adhesive, polyolefin PE, PP, POM, ABS, PS, etc. is a good anti-aging effect. The product has many advantages, such as good compatibility, hydrolysis resistance, high decomposition temperature, and low additive quantity.

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