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Hypophosphorous acid|CAS6303-21-5

  • CAS: 6303-21-5
  • MF: H3PO2
  • Min Order Quantity: 1Kg
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Hypophosphorous acid is a monobasic acid, belonging to the medium-strong acidic reducing agent, which can make the metal ions Cu2+, Hg2+, Ag+ and so on reduce to metal. Hypophosphorous acid is widely used in chemical plating solution, electroplating, resin color reduction, antioxidant, flame retardant production and so on. The price has a certain positive correlation with the price of yellow phosphorus and other phosphorus products, but due to the global production capacity, the demand is relatively limited, the market price trend is often unexpected.


Basic Information

Melting point: -25 ℃

Boiling point: 108 ℃

English name: Hypophosphorous acid

Chemical formula: H3PO2

Molecular weight: 66

CAS No.: 6303-21-5

H.S code: 2811199090

Solubility: Mutually soluble in water in any ratio

Dangerous Goods Transportation Number: UN 3264 8/PG 3


Technical Specification

Total content ≥50.0%

Phosphorous acid(H3PO3)≤0.3%




Color: 30APHA

Density: 1.210-1.265 g/ml

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid


Production and preparation process

1, the raw material is industrial-grade high-purity sodium hypophosphite, the anions such as Cl-, SO42-, phosphite, iron ions and other anions are removed by sulfide precipitation method.

2, the strong acid type cation exchange resin is used to remove sodium to produce hypophosphorous acid, and get the high purity grade product. The total amount of sodium ions has a greater impact on the quality of the product. It needs special control.


Main uses

1,Other hypophosphites, especially one of the raw materials for the production of non-halogenated flame retardants.

2, Antioxidant and color reducing agent of alkyd resin.

3, is one of the various types of galvanizing solution additive raw materials.

4, One of chemical plating reducing agent.

5, In pharmaceutical intermediates, it is also applied as a special additive.


Please contact our factory for the chemical formula, MSDS, ionization equation, molecular structure formula, COA, acidity strength comparison and other technical data of hypophosphorous acid. Hypophosphorous acid is the color reducing agent of alkyd resin, galvanizing additive, it is a kind of medium-strength monovalent acid, decomposed by heat at 130 degrees. The price of hypophosphorous acid has a certain relationship with the quality level of the manufacturer, and the price of raw materials show linear market trend, wide range of uses, green environmental protection.

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