Nickel sulfamate|Nickel aminosulfonate|13770-89-3|124594-15-6

  • CAS: 13770-89-3
  • MF: Ni(NH2SO3)2.4H2O
  • Min Order Quantity: 1Kg
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Nickel sulfamate is known as Nickel sulfamate or Nickel aminosulfonate, CAS No. 13770-89-3 or 124594-15-6, available in solid and liquid models, with low plating stress, minimal impurities and stable quality.Nickel sulfamate solid is green crystal, hygroscopic, soluble in water, ammonia, alcohol, slightly soluble in water, solution is acidic. Dry air slowly weathering, heat will lose four molecules of water, the temperature is higher than 110 began to decomposition and the formation of alkali salts, continue to heat the generation of brownish-black nickel trioxide and green nickelous oxide mixture.


1,Basic Information

English name: Nickel sulfamate; Nickel aminosulfonate

Molecular formula: Ni(NH2SO3)2.4H20

Molecular weight: 322.92

CAS No.: 13770-89-3 or 124594-15-6 (tetrahydrate)

Properties: green crystal. Easily deliquescent, soluble in water, aqueous solution is acidic


2, Indicator








Water insoluble matter≤0.01


3,Main application

Mainly used in precision plating, it is an excellent plating main salt, because of the low internal stress of nickel sulfamate, plating speed, solubility, no pollution, etc., and has become a faster development of a plating main salt in recent years. Widely used in electronics, automobile, aerospace, national defense, minting, metallurgy, nickel mesh, radio, colored aluminum alloy and other industries.


4,Product features

(1)Unique and advanced production process, strict production control, stable product quality;

(2) Low impurity content and leading indicators in the industry;

(3) Low internal stress in plating layer. Made of high purity nickel metal, not nickel sulfate or nickel waste liquid as raw material

(4) Extremely low impurities, stable quality, low stress in plating layer


5, Packing

Packed in cardboard drums lined with PE bags, 25 kilograms per drum.


6, Storage and transportation

It should be covered during transportation to prevent package damage, sunshine and rain. Stored in cool, dry and well ventilated place or warehouse with roof cover, prevent from damage.Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place or warehouse with a cover to prevent moisture and sunshine.


The content of nickel sulfamate is as high as 180±3.75 g/L. The content of impurities in the product is very low, which plays an important role in reducing the accumulation of metal impurities in the plating bath. When the Cu2+ in the plating bath reaches 10-50 ppm, Zn2+ reaches 20 ppm, and Fe2+ reaches 30-50 ppm, the internal stress of the plated layer will be high and brittle. Nickel sulfamate is widely used in PCB as a backing layer for precious metals and base metals. For surfaces subject to heavy loads of wear and tear, such as switch contacts, contacts or plugs, nickel is used as a backing layer for gold, which greatly improves abrasion resistance. When nickel sulfamate is used as a barrier layer, nickel effectively prevents diffusion between copper and other metals. Nickel can be used as a resist layer containing ammonia-based etching agents, so the nickel/gold combination plating is often used as a resist layer, and it can be adapted to the requirements of hot-press soldering and brazing. The use of nickel sulfamate plating bath has a high deposition rate of the characteristics of the electroforming process for electroforming a variety of parts, typical electroforming products are: plastic or synthetic parts of the molding die, signs, electroforming precision up to microns below the record and laser discs and so on.

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