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Sodium phosphite|CAS13517-23-2

  • CAS: 13517-23-2
  • MF: Na2HPO3.5H2O
  • Min Order Quantity: 1Kg
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Sodium phosphite molecular structure formula for Na2HPO3, CAS13517-23-2, is +3 valence of the positive salt, usually used as a reducing agent, can reduce the metal salt to the corresponding metal, with high solubility, high purity, stable nature and other characteristics. The solubility in water at room temperature is 100g/100ML.The main application of Sodium Phosphite Pentahydrate is used in chemical plating, halogen-free flame retardant, catalyst and other industries. The production process of sodium phosphite is made by neutralization reaction of phosphite H3PO3 with sodium hydroxide NaOH, concentration, cooling crystallization and solid-liquid separation.


Product characteristics

1, it becomes sodium pyrophosphate when it is above 200℃; strong reducibility, it can precipitate metal from a variety of metal salts in aqueous solution;

2, melting point 53 ℃, soluble in water, insoluble in dry alcohol, ammonia, heated to 120 ℃ when the loss of 5 water of crystallization into anhydrous material;

3, easily deliquescent.

4, heated to decomposition temperature after decomposition to generate sodium phosphate and PH3. sodium phosphite PH value between 9-10, is a positive salt, two 5, sodium phosphite due to the presence of low valence +3 valence of phosphorus, with reducing properties, can be metal ions reduced, in water treatment, surface treatment and other industries have a certain use!


Basic information

English name: sodium hypophosphite, Disodium hydrogen Phosphite

Molecular formula: Na2HPO3

Molecular weight: 216

CAS No.: 13517-23-2

EINECS No.: 237-249-1


Production and Preparation

The main raw material is H3PO3 phosphite and sodium hydroxide NaOH neutralization reaction, but the reaction process should be the main feeding ratio, otherwise it may produce sodium hydrogen phosphite. This production of sodium phosphite with high purity and few impurities, the prerequisite is to use high quality phosphite H3PO3 and sodium hydroxide NaOH, otherwise the quality of the finished product is difficult to control. The reaction equation is as follows: H3PO3+2NaOH=Na2HPO3+2H2O

Neutralize the phosphite H3PO3 in aqueous solution and NaOH solution, remove impurities and possible other metal ions with appropriate additives, and then concentrate and crystallize.


Emergency Disposal

White crystals, if inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. If respiration stops, perform artificial respiration. Flush with soap and plenty of water. It is prudent to flush eyes with water. Do not feed unconscious person anything. Rinse mouth with water.


Quality Indicators

Content ≥98.0%




Heavy metal(as Pb)%≤0.0025%


Packing: 25kg plastic woven bag lined with two layers of plastic bags


Sodium phosphite is an excellent non-toxic reducing agent with high efficiency and low price than other reducing agents. Sodium phosphite pentahydrate can be used as a reducing agent for many kinds of metal surface treatment, and has an important role in surface treatment, printing and dyeing, water treatment and other industries.

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